"The fastest way to learn US History."
washing a ton

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Challenge your mind and memory while learning US history in a fun, new and creative way.

You start on the beach in Los Angeles, with a man washing a ton and Marilyn Monroe! Then journey East across the United States, passing deserts, mountains, plains, lakes, and rivers along the way. Everything you see and experience, from the clouds, to the music has been carefully designed to enhance your memory. You're exploring a video game, but in reality you're learning US history the whole time.

It's educational. It's fun. It's incredibly effective. All of which make this imaginative app an instant classic. The app was developed by two Yale graduates to take advantage of the memory palace learning technique. It's easy and accessible for all ages, yet deep and packed with data.

Once you give it a try there's a good chance you won't want to go back to learning without a memory palace again.

"I learned all the presidents in 30 minutes!"
"It's a simple concept but it blew my mind."

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