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What is a memory palace?

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Building a memory palace

What is a memory palace?

The memory palace (a.k.a. the method of loci) is a method of memory enhancement that hacks the brain to give it memory super-powers. It may sound like science-fiction but memory palaces are science fact backed by decades of studies proving their effectiveness and over 2500 years of history. They’re not only effective, but also fun to use and surprisingly easy to learn.

According to the New York Times:

"numerous studies, extending back decades, show that the method of loci improves memory. Using the approach, people who could remember only a handful of numbers — seven is the norm, give or take a few — were trained to recall 80 to 90.

Another study found that the method doubled the proportion of people who could remember at least 11 of 12 grocery list items. Students who applied it in an undergraduate economics course outperformed those who did not on an exam. Medical students who used the method of loci to study the endocrine system learned more than those who did not.

Patients who have had treatments known to impair recall and cognitive function — like coronary bypass surgery and surgery and chemotherapy for breast cancer — improved their memories with the method of loci. As a memory aid, it’s superior to rote memorization..."

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Building a memory palace

Let's build a memory palace to remember the ten systems of the human body.

Palaces are built in three easy steps: 1) import information, 2) transform into images, and 3) personalize your palace.

Enter the palace to begin.

Palace Structure

Palaces are divided into rooms. Rooms are organized in a grid. The grid allows you to add new rooms or organize rooms however you like.

The Human Body Systems Palace only has one room. Enter the room to continue.

Import information Step One

Rooms are divided into three parts: the text panel, the items panel and the room itself. Each part corresponds to one of the three steps for building a memory palace.

Let’s start with importing the information we want to memorize using the text panel.

Our text panel below is missing one of the ten systems of the human body. Press the Edit button at the bottom of the panel and add Respiratory System to the list. Then click Save.

Transform into images Step Two

The items panel is where you'll transform information into images.

Without pressing the Edit button, select the word Respiratory in the text panel to automatically send it to the items panel.

Transform into images Step Two

Once a word is in the items panel, it’s time to turn it into an image that you can easily remember.

There’s no wrong way to convert a word into a memorable image. All you need is your imagination. Some words immediately suggest memorable images, others require some creativity. For example, for the first system in the list, Cardiovascular, we selected a heart as the image. For the third system in the list, Endocrine, we selected a checkered flag to remind us of the end in Endocrine.

Once you've decided what image you want to remind you of Respiratory (perhaps lungs, a cigarette, or an inhaler), type it in as the Reference, then click on the thumbnail to select a corresponding image.

Note: For this tutorial we have limited the maximum number of items to 10.

Personalize your Palace Step Three

To personalize your palace, you can move, rotate, or re-size images to create a journey around the room.

Here, the first nine images have already been placed for you along a path. Place your image for Respiratory System to end the path.

Now, when you want to remember, just use your mind’s eye to travel around the room.

For example, start at the bloody heart on the floor (Cardiovascular), then travel to the stinky poop next to the sink (Digestive), continue along the counter to the box of latex gloves with a waving checkered flag in it (Endocrine), then to the shoe with sticky gum at the head of the bed (Intergumentary), to the tree limb on the body of the bed (Lymphatic), to the heavy dumbell at the foot of the bed (Muscular), to the huge drop of sweat dripping down (Nervous), to the puddle of pee from the man urinating on the floor (Urinary), to the stork hiding behind the wardrobe (Reproductive), and finally, ending on your image for Respiratory System.

That's it. Now go ahead and build your own Palaces and share them with your friends or sell them on our marketplace if you like. Palaces can have as many rooms as you want, so go ahead and get building. The only limit is your imagination!

If you need more help, post a question to our forums or visit our blog to watch video tutorials. You can also browse pre-built Palaces here.