404 error
Every time i try to load the icons, all I get is a 404 in the console. I'm guessing this site isn't really that maintained, huh?
5 months ago by Kur0
The app is upside down!
When using the history app on iPad it automatically changes the screen to landscape mode. This would be fine, except that if you have your iPads in a keyboard case such as the Apple Magic Keyboard case, the orientation is upside down. In other words you can't use the app if your iPad is in a laptop-style case.
5 months ago by Mr Dee
Images aren`t loading
Everytime I try to change a image of an item I receive the following: Status Code: 404; Not Found. Anyone with the same problem?
5 months ago by [Deleted]
another improvement idea
The icons to the items I put in my palaces hardly ever load. It takes ages and sometimes you have to go through all the different icons to find only one that loads at all. Otherwise the app is absolutely great! But if it takes too long to make a palace, it defeats the purpose of helping one to memorize quicker:)
14 months ago by BigBrain
Improvement ideas
The heading of the website where it says Memory Palace Beta should remain at the top of the page because it gets in the way when you scroll down the page to view a palace room. Also, it would help to follow the journey of a room if there is a setting that allows people to view the room in full-screen, so a user does not have to click the play button just to zoom in on the picture to see their loci. Some people may want to view all of their palace rooms in full-screen, then follow the journey without the play button. Keep the play and zoom settings, but update them so people can pause the room whenever they want as the journey is playing. Maybe even make it so people can click on each loci in order to zoom in or out from it.
16 months ago by xmyvisionx
Fullscreen on a computer + Time-feature in the journey
Hey everyone, first of all: thank you for this amazing platform!! It makes things soo much easier, especially when you have several big palaces - the pre-built ones are also amazing!! Maybe I am too stupid to find the button in case it is there, but it would be really helpful to go into fullscreen mode when accessing a palace. Somehow I cannot manage to turn of both of the fields on the left side [important information; transform into images] and when starting the journey/taking steps there's a lot going on when looking at the screen. Also, a editable timer for the "Play journey" feature would be great - maybe a scale/field where you can set after how many seconds it automatically switches to a new item? Right now it feels a bit fast. Thank you so much and keep being awesome!
16 months ago by Monti
Is there a way to add rooms in the middle?
After putting together a memory palace I realized I'd like to add a room somewhere in the middle. Is there a way to do this without deleting all the rooms that happen after where I want to add the room? That is, is there a simple way of adding a room in the middle of a memory palace? Thanks,
16 months ago by Michael
Great software!!
Your Software is really great! Thank you very much! If you offer possibilities of donating, i would support you! Idea : to insert handwritten Text or sketch (different colors) in rooms would be great
45 months ago by KH
Great app
As one who has gotten through life semi successfully with very poor retention due to very low birth weight and very premature. Visualization has been tough. All my kids who are adults are fine with tremendous memories and recall. Practicing with this app has incrementally improved my recall. Perhaps continued repetition will reinforce those neural pathways and areas of the brain necessary for long term retention. Thanks
52 months ago by Whortonpinesol
Blank templates?
I'm looking to see if there's just a blank way to start a new memory palace? Any thoughts on making this usable in some VR format? That's where the money will be! I'm creating a series of memory palaces to remember a 78 page wine list for a potential job... and for sommelier training. Thank you thank you
56 months ago by wineguymike
This is great!
I'd been looking for something like this! You really need to promote this more. One issue I'm having is that on my phone, it's hard for me to see the room I'm in and to move items around because everything is so small. Would it be possible to have a full screen mode? That's it for now. Thanks!
63 months ago by XXiviXX
very cool program
thanks so much for building this and for making it free. it works like a charm. are you going to have an app also?
63 months ago by josy
Font Colors
It would be super great if we could add font colors to the MP. Absolutely love the program!! Thanks you for this program.
63 months ago by kmack450