Fullscreen on a computer + Time-feature in the journey
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Hey everyone, first of all: thank you for this amazing platform!! It makes things soo much easier, especially when you have several big palaces - the pre-built ones are also amazing!! Maybe I am too stupid to find the button in case it is there, but it would be really helpful to go into fullscreen mode when accessing a palace. Somehow I cannot manage to turn of both of the fields on the left side [important information; transform into images] and when starting the journey/taking steps there's a lot going on when looking at the screen. Also, a editable timer for the "Play journey" feature would be great - maybe a scale/field where you can set after how many seconds it automatically switches to a new item? Right now it feels a bit fast. Thank you so much and keep being awesome!
44 months ago by Monti
Thanks so much for the kind words! We're really happy that you're getting good use out of the platform. With regards to a full screen button, there isn't one yet for desktop, but that's a really great idea for something to add. That said, when you're using the platform on mobile, you can go full screen by switching the device to landscape. The editable timer is also a great suggestion. We will try to implement your suggestions on a future update. Also, did you know that you can post your own palaces on the marketplace? We'd love it if you would post some to help and inspire others. Our goal is to be a repository for memory palaces on all sorts of subjects, but we're a very small team so we depend on users like you to create palaces for others. Let us know if we can help! It means the world to us.
43 months ago by s
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13 months ago by hamed