Blank templates?
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I'm looking to see if there's just a blank way to start a new memory palace? Any thoughts on making this usable in some VR format? That's where the money will be! I'm creating a series of memory palaces to remember a 78 page wine list for a potential job... and for sommelier training. Thank you thank you
55 months ago by wineguymike
Hi wineguymike, If you go to the store, there are some free blank palaces for you to download. There's two complete modern white European style apartments and also some pre-rendered 9 room homes that come in different colors. You could, for example, store one region's wines in the blue house, and another region in the red house, etc. Also, you can add any room images you want to any palace, so in this sense, they can all be blank because you can always change the room image or create new rooms. Let me know if you have any questions and we'll be happy to help you. Thanks!
55 months ago by s
With regards to VR, we agree that it would be very cool. We have plans to work it in. Be confident that anything you create here will be exportable to VR in the future.
55 months ago by s
If you click on the "PALACES" tab, you can select the category "Blank Palaces" to view all available blank palaces. They're all free right now.
55 months ago by s
Sorry, I meant the category "Blank Templates".
55 months ago by s
Hello, I am already constructing VR capable mind palaces at I just found this site today so I will be posting some memory palaces for purchase in the near future. You can check out this memory palace I constructed for my son's use during his fourth grade. You can view it using the Matterport VR app and google cardboard VR or Google Daydream. Unfortunately the tags do not show up in the VR model at present , however it is just a matter of time before they will.
49 months ago by mindpalace