Improvement ideas
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The heading of the website where it says Memory Palace Beta should remain at the top of the page because it gets in the way when you scroll down the page to view a palace room. Also, it would help to follow the journey of a room if there is a setting that allows people to view the room in full-screen, so a user does not have to click the play button just to zoom in on the picture to see their loci. Some people may want to view all of their palace rooms in full-screen, then follow the journey without the play button. Keep the play and zoom settings, but update them so people can pause the room whenever they want as the journey is playing. Maybe even make it so people can click on each loci in order to zoom in or out from it.
58 months ago by xmyvisionx
Hi xmyvsionx! Thanks for the suggestions! All great ideas and we'll work on implementing. Quick question: are you mostly using the platform on mobile or on desktop? On mobile there is a full screen view if you tilt your device horizontally once you are in a room. Also, please note that you can scan a room item by item if you click on the forward and back buttons beside the play button. Please let us know if you think of anything else!
58 months ago by s
you can see more videos about memory improvement on my Youtube channel
16 months ago by hamed