The idea of a Memory Palace for sale???
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I've not heard anyone selling a memory palace before. I do like the idea of buying and selling a memory palace because it would save a huge amount of time for the learner, however, not sure if this is something people would pay for. The only way to find out I guess is to create one for sale and see what happens. I am wondering how the idea was developed to buy and sell Memory palaces? Any success so far? has it been worth the effort?
56 months ago by Erol
Those are all great questions. In the next few days, I'll post a video to show how easy it is to put a palace for sale on the marketplace. I'd love to see you post a palace for sale! I'll certainly buy it. The original idea for the marketplace came years ago while sharing a beer with my brother on our local beach in San Juan, Puerto Rico. It's been a lot of work (and a hurricane) getting from there to here! Success can be measured in many different ways. I have a real passion for empowering users to create and share amazing memory palaces that increase the speed at which knowledge can be transmitted to others. Just knowing that people like you are starting to use these tools, feels like success to me. So yes! I also firmly believe (and am committed to proving) that memory palaces can have real monetary value as a new learning format. We're just getting started, but the data coming in on that front is very encouraging. Our memory palace for US History app has had thousands of downloads around the world and the conversion rate to paid users is many times the industry average. That said, there's still a lot of work to do!
55 months ago by s
I definitely believe the idea of your memory palace website will be a big success. " I'll post a video to show how easy it is to put a palace for sale on the marketplace. I'd love to see you post a palace for sale! I'll certainly buy it. " I'd love to create one for sale and see what happens within time, sounds like I made a sale already :) I look forward to watching the video for this, when will it be ready? When we create a palace it's fantastic that we can use the image library. It's a huge time saver and an idea creator. Thank you for this great feature! However, what can make this even more fantastic is if the images were animated. I've just watched the video of Memory Palace – US History Preview on youtube. That is professionally animated and looks brilliant, it's much easier and much faster to memorize a piece of data if the Action part is already done. So my idea is that if we can use Animated gifs and use them on the palaces we create, this would be a huge bonus and this would add a huge value to the memory palace creation app for the user/subscriber, because we know that we remember animated images better than stationary images, so half the work is done already! Do you think you can make this possible? Animated gifs on the palaces? That would be a brilliant app! I have over 10 years of experience in graphic design & animations, because I used to be an adobe flash instructor so I can create all of my own animated gifs, and when I create palaces for sale that has animated gifs, I think it would have an added value and therefore an advantage to make a sale, and perhaps at a higher price then a static palace. What are your thoughts on this?
55 months ago by Erol
That's a great idea for allowing for animated gifs. We're going to do some research to see what it would take to support that in a future build. Thank you for the idea!
55 months ago by s
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13 months ago by hamed