Upload of Rooms images is not working well
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Hi, When I try to upload a room's image most of the time the upload doesn't work (it keeps loading forever). It only works if I make the image extremly small (125x125 51.7kb or in other images even much less). This doesn't happen uploading the palace image, even when the image is the same. So I am unable to use the software due to not being able to use images with enough quality for rooms. I'd appreciate that this improves or that I get some tip to bypass the problem. Best, L
44 months ago by L
Solved, the problem ocurred only with firefox, I guess due to some add-ons that I have installed.
44 months ago by L
Glad to hear that your problem solved itself. We recommend using Chrome or Safari and refreshing the page or resetting the cache seems to fix most of the problems we have encountered. Also, try not to have more than one tab of each palace open at once as inconsistencies between each tab might cause problems.
44 months ago by s