How to get to the palaces categories
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I am new here and just look at my memory palace feels and looks wrong and going to delete it. I really right now eed two categories which are law and computer programing. I want you to know when I go to the home page I only see popular or newest there, unlike the tutorial that shows more. So how do I get to see all the categories or at lease the ones I need? In the mean time i have to use mind mapping software I do not want to use. I really need some help. Are you going to do more tutorials all about your site.
48 months ago by Monk
Hi Monk, apologies for the late reply. To see all of the palaces available, select the "all" category in the drop down menu. We'll have more videos up very soon.
48 months ago by s
you can see more videos about memory improvement on my Youtube channel
13 months ago by hamed