How to sell a palace on the marketplace!
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Step 1. Register an account (need to provide an email address or facebook account). Step 2. Have a palace ready for publication. Step 3. Register a publisher account: i. In the ACCOUNT tab on the top MENU, there is a section on the left margin that reads "Publisher Account". It has a big blue button that says REGISTER, click on that button. This will take you to a new page where you need to: ii. Agree to the Publisher Terms and Conditions iii. Link an existing Stripe account or register a new Stripe account (Stripe is a third party company that handles all payment processing -- Memory Palace does not store any financial information.) Step 4. Now on your ACCOUNT page, you should have a link in the Publisher Account section that reads "Connected". Click on that link. This will take you to the page that you will use to manage all your publications. Step 5. Publish your palace. i. Click on the link under "Published Palaces" that reads "New Publication". ii. Name your new publication and click "Create publication". iii. On the left margin of this new page that you will use to manage your new publication, click the "Edit" button. iv. Fill in all the required fields as you want your palace to appear on the Marketplace: --Logo & Previews: Select the images that best represent your palace. Note that you can "Upload" new images or "Import" images directly from your palace by choosing "Import" and then selecting your palace. You can even select images from specific rooms in your palace and reveal or hide its items, path, keywords, and references by clicking on the four buttons that appear on top of the image before you import it. --Name: Change the name of your palace if you want. --Price: Select the sale price for your palace. If you click on the magic wand, it will recommend a price based on how many items are in the palace at a rate of $0.10 per item. On the left margin you can see a breakdown of how your price will be divided among Stripe, Memory Palace, and yourself. --Palace to publish: Select the palace you want to publish from your list of palaces. --Category: Select an appropriate category for your palace to appear. --Short description: Fill in a short description for your palace. Note that you can click on the magic wand to provide basic stats about your palace. This is the description that first appears in the marketplace before someone clicks on your palace to view the palace's listing page. --Long description: Fill in a longer description for your palace. This is the description that will appear on your palace's listing page. v. Click the "Save" button to save. vi. Optional: Click the "Preview" button to preview your palace's listing page. vii. Click the green "Submit" button twice to submit your palace for review. This submits the palace for administrator approval. viii. Once your palace is approved, you will receive an email letting you know and a green "Publish" button will appear in place of the "Submit" button. Press this button and your palace will be live on the marketplace. CONGRATULATIONS! Note that you can "Unpublish" your palace at any time by clicking the red "Unpublish" button. To promote your palace, use the tools on your listing page. You can share your palace via email, facebook, twitter, or with a direct link to your listing page. Video of these instructions coming soon!
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